Dueco Loans Truck to Lineworker Program

Brand-new $275,000 digger derrick saves the day

Electrical Lineworker Instructor Claus Newman knew his students were facing a formidable obstacle when the program’s digger derrick broke down.

“We use the digger derrick to auger holes and set wood transmission poles in the ground,” Newman said. “Without it, we would be forced to do all the digging and setting by hand.”

Electrical Lineworker Students with Dueco Digger DerrickNewman contacted Bernie Kolnberger, transportation manager at Dakota Electric, for advice. Kolnberger suggested calling Ben Pahl, sales manager for western Minnesota at Dueco, the world’s largest Terex Utilities final-stage manufacturer. Terex Utilities is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of digger derricks, aerial devices and other equipment required by the nation’s utility companies.

Pahl directed Newman to Rick Heathcoat, Dueco operations manager out of Watertown, S.D. Heathcoat took one look at the problem and arranged with Ron Koosman, Dueco’s vice president of sales for the western region, to loan the Electrical Lineworker program a brand-new $275,000 Terex digger derrick with an International 7400 4×4 chassis.

Electrical Lineworker Students with Dueco Digger Derrick“Dueco appreciated the opportunity to work with the college’s Electrical Lineworker program,” Koosman said. “We are glad to help out whenever we’re needed. The instructor sent us a photo of the students with the digger derrick. We’re going to frame it and hang it in the hallway of our office.”

“Dueco drove the digger derrick all the way from Watertown and let our students use it for four days in early October,” Newman said. “Every student in my class really appreciated how Dueco came to our aid. Loaning the digger derrick was a substantial in-kind donation.”

To learn more about the Electrical Lineworker program, contact:
  • Steve Addy
    Electrical Lineworker Instructor
  • Claus Newman
    Electrical Lineworker Instructor

Electrical Lineworker Students with Dueco Digger Derrick Gallery

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  1. Lendio says:

    Big truck saves the day.

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