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Sam Weidt finds his academic footing at DCTC

Sam Weidt, 18, of Faribault, Minn., was looking for a new environment after he graduated from Faribault High School in 2011. He definitely wanted to go to college, but he needed a campus that wasn’t too close and wasn’t too far away. He also wasn’t sure about a major because he needed more time to choose a career path. DCTC fit perfectly into his plans.

“I wanted to get my toes in the water as far as college goes,” said Weidt, who enrolled in Individualized Studies, a program he could custom-design to meet his academic goals, which include going on to a four-year institution. “I’m taking several general education courses at DCTC so I’m ready when I find a major I like.”

General BiologyBesides students who are undecided about their future careers, Individualized Studies is a great choice for…

  • Students wishing to explore potential occupational/technical courses in one or more areas of study
  • Working adults wishing to advance their careers
  • Students seeking to pursue a baccalaureate degree
  • Students who have started a technical program, but wish to change direction

Taking general education courses at DCTC is smart for a number of reasons. Weidt found the cost affordable, especially when compared to credit prices at four-year colleges and universities. The campus is student-friendly, both easy to navigate and blessed with plenty of parking. DCTC academic advisors have expertise in specific program areas. Faculty have real-world industry experience, which means you will learn things you can actually apply in your life both professionally and personally.

General education gives students the intellectual foundation and common knowledge that society and the workplace expect in a college graduate. Weidt is taking a full spectrum of courses, including Interpersonal Communications, General Biology, Introduction to Sociology, Composition and Career Explorations. He understands that general education is required for all programs 45 or more semester credits in length.

Weidt has high expectations when he thinks about his career possibilities. “I’m shooting for the moon,” he said.

Interpersonal CommunicationsHere’s a quick look at what DCTC delivers:

  • Traditional: Variety of day and evening transferable general education courses in the classroom
  • Online: Transferable general education courses online for students needing flexibility
  • Hybrid: Transferable general education courses in a blended format that includes both face-to-face and online components for increased flexibility
For more information about General Education courses at DCTC, contact:
For more information about the Individualized Studies program, contact:
  • Chris Yang
    Enrollment Advisor/Financial Aid Specialist

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