$240,000 NSF Grant Secures NanoProfessor

Nanoscience Technology propelled by state-of-the-science tools and curriculum

Deb Newberry, director of the Nanoscience Technology program, reported that the National Science Foundation provided a $240,000 grant for the purchase of NanoProfessor, a state-of-the-science, hands-on nanotechnology education program.

Nanoscience Technology Instructor Deb Newberry“NanoProfessor combines cutting-edge desktop nanofabrication instruments with a comprehensive curriculum,” said Newberry, who also directs Nano-Link, a regional center headquartered at DCTC that provides nanotechnology resources to college and high school educators as well as industry. “Our students are immersed in one of the fastest-growing and promising industries in the world. They learn about nanoscience through real first-hand experience building custom-engineered nanoscale structures.”

Nanotechnology, the study of manipulating matter on a scale as small as one billionth of an inch, has an amazing array of applications in such fields as medicine, alternative energy, fabrics, electronics, space travel and much, much more. Statistics show that by the year 2015 the nanotechnology industry will need 2 million workers. Today, that number stands at 20,000.

LED Fluorecscence MicroscopeNanoProfessor Tools

Nanoscience Technology Student Billie Copley with U.S. Sen. Al FrankenOn a related note, Billie Copley, 32, of Hastings, a student in the Nanoscience Technology program, got the chance to meet U.S. Senator Al Franken during the senator’s August 2011visit to the college’s Rosemount campus. Copley demonstrated the use of a Hitachi TM-1000 scanning electron microscope.

Copley also works as an intern for Deb Newberry, promoting the wonders of nanoscience at conferences as far away as San Francisco. “I’ve always loved math and science,” Copley said. “After meeting Deb, I knew I had to work in the field of nanotechnology.”

For more information about the Nanoscience Technology program, contact:
  • Deb Newberry
    Nanoscience Technology Director and Instructor
    Nano-Link Director

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