Medical Assistant Program Builds Community

Faculty blog paves the way

Sherralyn Cox, dean of the Health and Human Services department, is proud of the faculty teaching the Medical Assistant program at DCTC. “We have unique faculty with varied backgrounds,” Cox said. “We’re so fortunate these three instructors have such a strong work ethic, which results in a superior program delivered as both face-to-face classroom and online enhanced instruction.”

Medical Assistant program instructors are completely connected to the health care industry.

  • Patrice Nadeau is by profession a laboratory technologist and brings a wealth of knowledge to her curriculum
    • She has a Master of Science in clinical laboratory science from the University of North Dakota
  • Margaret Noirjean, a licensed registered nurse, gives her students huge insights into the nursing profession and healthcare industry
    • She has a BSN from Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y.
  • Kathleen Tettam is one of the program’s graduates
    • She prepares her students using her own experience as a professional medical assistant

Part of the program’s success is linked to the Medical Assistant blog, one of the most active, influential and informative faculty blogs at the college. The program’s instructors are building a strong online community while keeping current and prospective students informed about the medical assisting profession.

Medical Assistant Students“We have several categories in our blog that enable our readers to get current news about DCTC and what’s going on in our program as well as information about specific courses, including laboratory, clinical, pharmacology and disease and conditions,” said Margaret Noirjean, who also chairs the Health and Human Services department. “We provide information about the American Association of Medical Assistants, or AAMA, an affiliated organization, along with up-to-date health news. We add posts regularly to keep our subscribers engaged.”

“We originally started the blog to get information out about our online enhanced program, but it has turned into much more,” said Patrice Nadeau, the program’s director. “Margaret is much better than I am at keeping the blog current, but together we manage to post some fun and interesting things.”

For more information about the Medical Assistant program, contact:

Or visit the Medical Assistant blog!

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