Automotive Instructor Doubles as Consultant

Bob Engberg helps build crucial scan tool from inside out

Computers control virtually every major system in modern passenger sedans, sports cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and crossovers. Automotive technicians diagnose and repair those complex systems using an amazing array of tools and devices. For electronic issues, technicians wield a high-tech arsenal anchored by lab scopes and scan tools.

Automotive Technician StudentsBob Engberg, an instructor in the Automotive Technician program, understands electronic diagnostic tools from the ground up. He worked as a consultant for OTC, an SPX brand, testing the Pegisys (Professional Enhanced Graphical Information System) scan tool. SPX is a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm with 15,000 employees and total 2010 revenues approaching $5 billion.

“We did a whole series of tests on a variety of vehicles over an eight-week period,” said Engberg, who has taught at DCTC since 1997. He specializes in driveability, fuels, computers and tune-ups. “We were looking for a tool that could help technicians be more productive even as computers and engineering on cars and trucks become more sophisticated every year. Testing the Pegisys was a really fun experience.”

PegisysMac MentorSnap-on Verus

Engberg reported that scan tools are also made by Mac Tools and Snap-on. “And they aren’t cheap,” he added. “The Pegisys can cost as much as four thousand dollars. Yearly updates can run as much as a thousand. We have quite a few different brands for our program. Despite the cost, scan tools are absolutely essential for the modern technician.”

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