Hot Major: Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Experts point to strong careers in emerging healthcare field

Health informatics/information management was ranked #4 on a list of “Nine Hot Majors” by U.S. News and World Report in the magazine’s September 2011 “Guide to Colleges.” The DCTC Healthcare Documentation Specialist program teaches the art and science of maintaining and providing crucial information for patient care and safety, reimbursement, marketing, legal issues and research. Today, healthcare documentation specialists are crucial members of healthcare teams at hospitals, clinics, extended-care facilities, medical research groups, and health departments and firms that provide medical transcription services.

Healthcare Documentation Specialist Major Kim Zachary with Instructor Sheryl Williams“The Healthcare Documentation Specialist program merges the skill sets of the medical coding specialist and medical transcriptionist to create a diploma that allows our graduates to meets the evolving needs of the healthcare industry,” said Sheryl Williams, the program’s instructor. “I’ve worked in the industry for more than twenty-five years and I’ve been a proponent of this change for the last fifteen.”

Williams added that her program uses computers to generate, validate, secure and integrate healthcare data to support the decision-making process of clinical and administrative professionals. Healthcare documentation specialists ensure the quality of medical documentation by verifying completeness and accuracy of transcribed medical reports. They also analyze medical documentation to improve patient care as well as compliance, safety, coding and Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) database management.

“Our students utilize state-of-the-art virtual labs,” Williams said, “and get valuable hands-on experience during internships at healthcare facilities.”

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